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At first I was a bit hesitant about my choice of BDI. They need to work on communicating with the customer. But, once they got started it was very evident to me that their build quality was far superior to the existing dock. Once they started they didn't stop even through terrible weather conditions including a rather fierce Tropical Storm.

Shane, the group leader, is very friendly, straightforward and obviously an honest and likable guy. My dock is over 500 feet long and needed about 300 feet completely removed and rebuilt. The water is about 2 feet to 5 feet deep and probably less than 20 inches in places on low tide. It was a huge removal and rebuild. I am very proud of my new dock.

I am happy to forward any further waterfront work to them.

I am new to this area and was very appreciative of the huge load of work these guys took on and accomplished. It was an amazing feat of determination and hard work with a lovely result.

BDI just completed a Seawall and Dock replacement for me... Everyone on the team did an outstanding job, from start to finish!...everything was done as promised and I would absolutely recommend this company!

Had them come out for a seawall project and boat lift. Ronnie was very knowledgeable and guided me in the right direction. The work was outstanding and done in a timely manner. I highly recommend it.

Knocked down a house for me and it was quicker than expected and the price was right. Honest family-owned business.