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Pump/Lift Stations

The installation of a lift station can help bring down the cost of wastewater or septic system construction. Lift stations move water up from lower elevations to higher areas and reduce construction costs. Installing lift stations equipped with pumps, control panels, valves, alarm systems, ventilation, and odor control systems, is a complex process. Our skilled and experienced team at BDI Marine Contractors can take care of the complete process for you. We are a Florida State licensed general contractor that specializes in heavy construction and waterfront construction. We provide our services to residential, commercial, and government clients throughout Martin County and the surrounding areas.

Need For Lift Stations

Pump Lift Stations, Hobe Sound, FL Lift stations or pumping stations are facilities that include pumps and equipment for pumping fluids between different locations. They have applications in a wide range of infrastructure systems. This includes:

  • Water supply to canals
  • Removing sewage to processing sites
  • Draining low-lying areas

And more. These stations are essential for moving sewage to the treatment plant. Traditionally, they used to consist of a couple of pumps with level control. Modern systems can have programmable logic controllers, telemetry, variable frequency drive, and many more sophisticated parts.

We build lifting stations for different types of clients including municipalities, residential properties, and other contractors. We can design and install systems for a single-family home or for development projects that need to pump hundreds of thousands of gallons per day. Lift stations are also required in a variety of industrial settings besides water treatment and management.

Reliable Delivery

We construct and install high-service pump stations for all types and scales of wastewater and water management needs. Our services offer many advantages:

  • Ensuring that all client requirements and government regulations are met at every stage of the project.
  • A commitment to safety and the environment.

From lifting potable water to a reservoir for community distribution to pumping treated wastewater back to the environment, we can handle projects of all types.

Experienced Pump/Lift Stations Installation Services

We have decades of experience and a successful track record in designing and constructing lift stations. We work with:

  • Consulting engineers
  • Developers
  • City personnel
  • Private homeowners
  • Developers

We can create the specific system that you require for handling any type of water or wastewater application. All projects are completed using corrosion-resistant materials meeting the industry standards.

Our experienced and qualified staff is always ready to assist you with your project. From influent to effluent, we are your trusted contractor in Martin County for building or improving any type of pump/lift station. There is no project type we have not handled over the decades. This includes raw water pump stations, sanitary sewer lift stations, high service booster systems, intake structures, clean water discharging systems, and much more.

Trusted Heavy Construction Contractor

BDI Marine Contractors is your premier site work contractor in Hobe Sound, FL. Besides pump and lift stations, we also specialize in a wide range of site work and marina construction projects. Our company was founded in 1981 and over the decades we have handled all types and sizes of projects. If you want to discuss your project details with us, give us a call at 561-909-9898. You may also write to us using this Online Form.