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Helical and Foundation Pile

Helical and foundation piles are important pieces in underground construction systems. They may be invisible from the top, but they play a critical role in holding buildings and other structures in place. A helical pile provides foundational support to different types of structures. We, at BDI Marine Contractors, are your trusted site work contractor in Martin County, FL. There is no project that is too big or too complex for us.

Application of Helical & Foundation Piles

Helical piles are like traditional pile foundations. They are embedded deep underground and disperse the weight that sits on top. A typical project involves the installation of multiple piles to create a platform. Whether you are constructing a new house, a home addition, a pool, or any other commercial or civic project, it is important to consider a helical piling foundation system. Over time, your building, pool, or structure is going to undergo fluctuations in soil conditions. Among other reasons, helical piles add years if not decades to your structure’s life.

Helical & Foundation Piles, Hobe Sound, FL Besides residential applications, helical and foundation piles are also used for the following structures:

  • Boardwalk foundations
  • Pipeline foundations
  • Bridge foundations
  • Solar foundations
  • Communication tower foundations

The Process

Helical piles are often in the form of helical anchors or screw piles. These are deep foundation pilings that can be installed in a wide range of concrete footings. We will use hydraulic power head equipment to rotate each pile into the ground. This is done to a pre-configured degree until the required bearing capacity for the structure is achieved.

Advantages of Using Helical Piles

Some of the most important reasons helical piles and foundation piles stand out are as follows:

  • Highly cost-effective pile type
  • Cause negligible work-site disruption from noise/vibration
  • Quick installation
  • Suited for installation in remote areas or limited-access sites
  • Direct and instant load capability
  • Engineered to handle all levels of load capacity

Faster Installation

Helical piles are typically installed faster than other options. The technology is not only already quick, but new developments are also constantly making it faster. This makes it even more useful for constructions involved in wetland and flood-prone areas. When replacing a concrete foundation with helical piles, it can help save weeks or even months from a project. The time savings can especially be significant for large projects.

Cost-Saving Benefits

The application of helical piers for anchoring a new structure eliminates the need to wait for a construction process to begin. Other areas of construction can begin the same day unless there is a need for grade beam or concrete footing pouring. This can not only save time but significantly increase cost savings.

Choose The Site Work Experts

At BDI Marine Contractors, we provide comprehensive site work construction services. We are a Florida State licensed general contractor with specialization in both heavy site work and waterfront construction. Founded in 1981, we are the experts when it comes to helical and foundation pile installation throughout Martin County and the nearby areas. If you want to discuss your project requirements, no matter the scale, call us today at 561-909-9898. You may also send us your detailed queries using this Online Form.