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Truline Seawalls

If your property is on the shore in Martin County, you will have to take measures to protect against erosion and flooding. Seawalls make cost-effective constructions to provide optimal protection. When done right, these structures can also enhance your property’s aesthetic value. Truline seawalls provide ideal solutions in the form of Steel-Reinforced Concrete and Vinyl Sheet Piling. The involved technology has evolved over the years and provides more efficient and more affordable installation. These hybrid walls also provide aesthetic versatility in terms of colors and textures. At BDI Marine Contractors, we specialize in the installation of Truline products, giving you the best options available in the market.

What Makes Truline Seawalls Special

Truline Seawalls, Hobe Sound, FL We have decades of industry experience and can design and build custom seawalls for your shoreline property’s unique needs. We specialize in the installation of Truline products as new seawalls or in replacing existing ones. When it comes to replacement, the new wall is usually installed outside the existing one that is failing. We can install the products on beachfront properties or on the shore of a freshwater lake or riverfront.

Truline seawall systems with the pin-pile mechanism feature a series of hollow forms. The toe of the wall is meant to be locked into the rock layer before concrete is poured in. The basic construction process of a vinyl seawall system is as follows:

  • The panels are installed to a shallow rock depth
  • Anchor pins are driven down the form and into the rock layer
  • Concrete is poured into the Truline form, and the wall gets locked with the pin

Such a seawall has a service life that is almost unmatched in its resilience to corrosive saltwater.

Benefits of Truline Seawall Systems

With the Truline seawall technology, we can provide you with the best attributes of steel, vinyl, and concrete materials in a single system. It is a steel-reinforced concrete wall built inside an elegant and protective vinyl form. Since the strength of the wall is inside the vinyl form, it is protected and lasts longer. According to tests and analyses, such a seawall can last 75 years and more.

This system also makes it easier to build corners and curves. The standard color options include:

  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Light gray

You can also opt for custom colors based on your property’s style and your preferences.

Experts in Marine Features

At BDI Marine Contractors, we provide a wide range of marine and heavy construction services in Martin County, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Besides seawalls, we also design and build docks, boat lifts, dredging, and other structures and systems for the marine environment. Founded in 1981, we understand the waterfront challenges and needs of residential and commercial property owners in the region. We service both private and government clients. There is no marine and heavy construction job that is too big or too small for us. We are fully licensed and insured and have the skills and equipment required to handle projects of all sizes.

If you need more information about our Truline seawall or other marine construction services, call us today at 561-909-9898 or write to us via this Online Form.