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Rip Rap

If you have a waterfront property in Martin County, FL, or the surrounding areas, you will have to take steps to protect your investment from water. At BDI Marine Contractors, we use a wide range of methods to stop shoreline erosion. We can resolve almost all types of shoreline erosion situations. One of the most cost-effective techniques is to install a rip rap. Our service can protect your property for generations and enhances your property’s value. Established in 1981, we service residential, commercial, and government clients throughout the region.

Professional Rip Rap Installation

Rip Rap, Hobe Sound, FL We have over four decades of industry presence. We design and build rip rap seawalls to keep your property secure and enhance its value. All rip rap projects are completed according to the latest engineering standards. Our experience and in-depth knowledge ensure proper installation and effective control of erosion.

We design and install rip raps wherever there is continuous exposure to rushing water. Some of the common examples include:

  • Lake or sea shoreline to limit erosion from wave action.
  • Near bridges along embankments and along with supports in waterways.
  • Along the outer banks of the river bends to dissipate the force of the water.

Erosion can not only cut the shoreline, but it can also compromise bridges and wash away adjacent roadways. There is more to rip raps than mitigating the effects of water. These structures require in-depth engineering evaluation. Besides, our experience makes it easier to determine the required amount and size of rock to keep the cost within limits.

Types of Rip Raps

We design and install various types of rip raps that serve different purposes ranging from erosion control to landscaping. This includes:

  • Erosion Control Rip Raps: This involves the use of large stones to protect the soil against constant runoff.
  • Bank Stabilization: Rip raps are commonly used for streambank stabilization and are highly effective for the function. We can help choose stone sizes that are immovable and will help hold the banks in place.

We can also design and install gabion walls, landscaping projects, and V-ditch lining.

Benefits of Professionally Installed Rip Raps

Erosion control is the most common reason for installing rip raps on properties, roads, and bridges. When you have professionally designed rip raps, the motion and waves of water will not strip away at your property. The rocks will be placed properly along the shoreline, making them the first point of contact with the current. There are different factors that can contribute to erosion, including:

  • Watercraft wake
  • Stormy weather
  • Runoff
  • Ice
  • Loss of trees and vegetation

Environment-Friendly Additions

Installing a rip rap adds a natural element to your property. This creates new habitat for flora and fauna. Vegetation can grow in between the rocks, giving the structure a more natural appearance. When waves rise, they cover the structure in water. This allows tiny sea creations to find shelter.

Whether you need to install a rip rap wall for your home, commercial property, or public property, we can design and build a custom structure. We specialize in creating structures that last long and require low maintenance. We are a premier waterfront and heavy construction contractor in Martin County. If you need more information about our services, get in touch with us today by giving us a call at 561-909-9898. You may also write to us using this Online Form and we will get back to you at the earliest.