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Dredging is a routine requirement in waterways. Depending on the type of waterfront you have and its application, BDI Marine Contractors can provide custom dredging services. We provide the service in Martin County and the surrounding areas for all types of purposes. The most common is to increase or maintain the depth of the channel, berthing area, or anchorage. We specialize in both hydraulic and mechanical dredging services. Our company was founded in 1981 and we have decades of specialized waterfront construction and marine services experience in the region.

Our Dredging Services

Dredging Services, Hobe Sound, FL We provide dredging services for all types of water bodies and structures. Our experienced, licensed, and well-trained team is equipped with the latest equipment. We use proven methods to complete each project. From the initial planning to the safe and proper completion of the plan, we assure quality services that deliver the desired results. We use portable equipment that can reach your location.

Our experienced workforce is fully equipped and undergoes regular training. Our crew has extensive experience in a wide range of waterfront construction and related services. We will begin by determining the best dredging technique for your project.

Mechanical Dredging

This involves the use of waterborne barge-mounted excavators or long arm excavators. These systems feature mechanical arms with a bucket at the end to dig debris from the bottom of the water body.

Hydraulic Dredging

The hydraulic dredging process involves the use of equipment that dislodges sediment and suctions through a pump ladder. The sediment will be pumped through a pipe to a land-based dewatering site or a covered floating barge.

Maintenance Dredging

Sediments can often reclaim dredged waterways or channels. We can provide restoration services for projects involving entire community waterways or a personal boat slip. You can also seek our maintenance dredging services for bank stabilization and drainage canals. We can use hydraulic or mechanical methods base on the site’s condition and requirements.

We have been providing different types of dredging services to our clients for decades. Our experience has allowed us to develop sediment removal systems for jobs that are inaccessible to other equipment. Our crew has the skills and equipment to access different types of water bodies. This includes:

  • Marinas
  • Slips for marinas
  • Retention ponds
  • Sediment lagoons
  • Private lakes and ponds
  • Boat basins
  • Golf courses
  • HOA lakes
  • Fairways
  • Entrance channels

And a wide range of other tasks where other equipment cannot reach. Besides, we take precautionary measures to avoid disturbing the shoreline or leaving footprints that may require repairs.

Choose the Marine County Experts in Dredging

BDI Marine Contractors are your trusted waterfront and heavy construction contractors in Hobe Sound, FL. We serve residential and commercial properties, and government agencies throughout Martin County and the nearby areas. Our crew has specialized experience in different types of water-based projects including dredging, docks and piers, seawalls, boat lifts, and many. We provide different services to deliver effective marine construction. If you want to discuss your dredging or other service requirements, call us today at 561-909-9898. You may also send us your query using this Online Form.