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Sheet Piling and Dewatering

Steel sheet piling and dewatering are tried and tested techniques in construction, hydraulic engineering, or specialist foundation projects. Due to the regular improvements, these methods are known for their high cost-effectiveness and growing range of applications. If you seek professional and cost-effective sheet piling or dewatering service, look no further than BDI Marine Contractors. We are a fully licensed and insured Florida general contractor specializing in site work and marine projects. We provide our services to residential and commercial clients, and government agencies throughout Martin County, FL.

Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is mostly installed for retaining earth or water. We work with both steel and concrete piling that feature interlocking ends to create a continuous wall. You can also choose them as a temporary measure for dewatering. They can be left in place for protecting embankments against potential erosion. We can use jetting techniques with the application of a vibratory hammer or impact hammers.

Sheet Piling & Dewatering, Hobe Sound, FL We can use them as shoring for excavation support. Other applications include:

  • Seawalls
  • Retaining walls
  • Weirs
  • Cofferdams

We can adapt the installation equipment depending on your specific needs. Sheet piling is commonly used in infrastructure repairs. Our experienced staff, digger-mounted rig, and other equipment ensure comprehensive installation solutions.

Innovative Dewatering Services

Construction dewatering is required on construction sites with accumulated water. The water issue can arise in excavations, trenches, and sites with high water tables or inadequate slopes. In construction projects, it is required to remove the water for the project to progress and to create a safe workplace.

Our dewatering services use innovative systems for groundwater dewatering. We have the sheet pile and specialist equipment required for all types of projects. Whether you need them for installation or hire, we can address your unique needs.

Why Professional Dewatering

Many times, builders consider using water pumps for dewatering areas. This is an easy way to create a wide range of issues including erosion. While clearing the site of water is the primary objective, you cannot afford to cause damage to the surroundings. You will have to adhere to the regulations when pumping water to lakes, storm sewer inlets, or wetlands.

Our dewatering services can help reduce groundwater levels and are suited for a variety of construction projects. We use innovative methods that involve simpler installation and maintenance and create safe working conditions.

Choose the Experts in Site Work

We have all the sheet piling you will require for installation or hire. BDI Marine Contractors provide heavy and waterfront construction, and marine environmental services in Martin County. Our site work services include civil construction, pump and lift stations, underground utility construction, sheet piling, dewatering, helical and foundation piling, demolition, concrete construction, and land clearing. Besides, we also handle marine-environment projects including docks, dredging, sea walls, and boat lifts.

We have been in business since 1981. Our clientele includes homeowners, businesses, other contractors, and government agencies. Whatever the scale and type of project, we have the resources and expertise to take care of it. If you need more information about our services, call us today at 561-909-9898 or send us your queries using this Online Form.