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Marine Recovery

If you were to run out of fuel while fishing, who would you turn to? Your boat may get stuck in shallow water or there may be an engine problem that leaves you stranded in the water. Seeking professional help can be the right solution. BDI Marine Contractors is your licensed and insured waterfront and heavy construction company in Martin County. Besides installing your docks, boat lifts, sea walls, and providing dredging, site work services, we also provide marine recovery services.

Need for Marine Recovery Services

Marine Recovery, Hobe Sound, FL The water levels keep rising and falling based on the time of the year and weather. This is a common reason why people get stuck on the sand. With our services available throughout the region, there is no reason for you to abandon your boat. We are always on hand to assist you with any type of marine recovery needs. This includes towing:

  • Boats
  • Jet ski’s
  • Kayaks

It commonly occurs that fishing and tourist trips run out of petrol or have engine problems while out at sea or in shallow waters.

Types of Marine Recovery Services

We provide different types of marine recovery services. This includes vessel recovery, salvage recovery, and waterway debris removal among others. This includes:

  • Marine Salvage Services: We have the expertise in recovering vessels safely. Whether it is at sea or dockside, our crew can recover your boat while keeping the damage or loss to a minimum.
  • Emergency Assistance: There are many reasons why your boat may be stuck in the waters. It may have run out of fuel, ran aground, or it may need a jump start. Whatever the issue, our crew can arrive fast to help you out.
  • Marine & Waterway Debris Removal: We also provide debris removal services for waterways and canals.
  • Lost Equipment Recovery: A piece of equipment should not be lost forever if it fell overboard. We have the expertise and resources required to locate and retrieve most types and sizes of equipment. We can also assist with the recovery of project materials.

When it comes to marine recovery, time is of great essence. A faster response can result in much better outcomes. Many of our clients have prior contacts with us. This allows us to develop a response plan based on their unique needs.

Choose the Marine Recovery Experts

At BDI Marine Contractors, we service all types of clients with different types of requirements. Our list of clientele includes:

  • Residential clients
  • Businesses
  • Government agencies

We have been providing complete marina construction, related marine services, and marine recovery services in Martin County since 1981. We are a trusted, Florida State registered general contractor. When you lose your paddle, stay safe, sit tight, and call us at 561-909-9898. We have vessels always ready to provide quick towing services for stranded watercraft. If you have any queries, you may also write to us using this Online Form. We would be pleased to call you back or visit your place to discuss your unique needs. There is no waterfront project that is too big or too small for us.